Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Perfect PowerPoint

This project helped opened my eyes on how to make a fun, innovative PowerPoint for my future students. Through this project I learned how to link slides within a PowerPoint and include voice narration. Although it took a while to make the PowerPoint I enjoyed watching it all come together and going through the slides. I also learned that Gifs can be a lot of fun and that kids will always enjoy short videos in their presentation. I also enjoyed using standards to create this PowerPoint that really will pertain to my teaching. The hardest part of this assignment was linking the PowerPoint above! With technology our teaching possibilities are endless :) I cant wait to use my knowledge of PowerPoint in the classroom. Although I already had a good understanding of the uses of PowerPoint before this lesson it was good to learn new tricks to made them more effective. My PowerPoint consisted of a short game where students will try to collect fruit for correct answers to grammar questions or they will receive garbage for every wrong answer. This got all the kids involved and self satisfaction when they got their fruit. I also included a small game where they had to pick the correct spelling of words and would receive a cute graphic if they got the answer correct. You can view a short clip of my PowerPoint above and understand the general gist of what I did.

I hope you enjoy my PowerPoint! :)

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