Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Talking About Twitter

So at the beginning of this semester in my Sedu 183 class I was told I was going to have to have a Twitter account by the end of the class period. Having a Twitter account already I thought, no big deal this will be easy! Needless to say, this project required a lot more than having a twitter and tweeting about what I ate for breakfast I had to incorporate my future classroom techniques in my Twitter account. I took this change with much hesitation, I like to keep my social and my student life separated and with this that line of separation is gone. I also was not into making a whole new Twitter account, I have way too many accounts as it is and I would forget the username and password for a new one. With all of this nagging out of the way, Twitter could be a valuable tool. For someone teaching early education it will not seem very valuable for a k-6 student to make a Twitter account. Being a Secondary Education English major though I can possibly use it to find grammar errors online or to get information. Will I use Twitter in my classroom? Probably Not. Is it nice to know about new things? Of course it is.

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