Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Belief Essay...(Review)

 What did you discover about yourself? What was fun? Rewarding? Difficult? Easy? Also, discuss how you might use video inside your future classroom. Well, where do I begin? What I discovered about myself while making this project was that if I really enjoy a project I will want to make it really good. Although it was difficult to think of pictures to add and transitions to throw in I still really wanted to make an awesome video. I also discovered how tedious of a job it is to make a video. The first time I made the video I added a transition and found out after uploading to YouTube the the entire video was a fail because none of the pictures and times lined up. With that crisis averted though, I mainly learned what it took to make a good video and how it feels to work hard for something you really want to turn out good. Was it fun? No. Was it awful? No. It was a fulfilling, long, tedious, interesting project. I mean, I would never skip a night with my friends over making a video for school, but it definitely was not like writing a research paper. In the terms of enjoyment the project was lacking, but in terms of fun compared to other assignments it was not half bad. I definitely feel like this assignment was rewarding. I learned a lot about Garage Band and how to use it; even though for the final project I used Audacity. I also really enjoy and found it rewarding how much freedom we were given with the assignment. I like being able to break away from textbook standards in order to make something that we deem useful.As to the difficulty level on a scale of: 1(being the difficulty of breathing) and 10(being the difficulty of beating Chuck Norris in a fist fight) I would give it an 8.5. It was in no terms an easy project and even after working on it for over 3 days I did not thoroughly enjoy the outcome and I could have done a lot more. The audio was easy to record, but adding it to pictures, timing it, adding transitions and personalizing it made me want to scream a bit. With all the negativity behind, I will be able to use this in my classroom. While typing this up I had a little "ah-ha!" moment, what if I could videotape a lesson for a day I was going to be absent in class. Instead of substitutes mindlessly watching the room I could videotape what I want the students to learn for the day so we do not fall behind. The options of videos in classrooms are endless, I just hope with more time and practice they become a bit easier!

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