Thursday, April 26, 2012

OER's (Open Educational Resources) or (One Extra Reason...why we do not need teacher)

When it comes to OER's I'm about in the middle of the fence that I could be. A simple tumbleweed could push me to one side or another, but sadly I have yet to find that. Although I enjoy the possibility of sharing, innovation, and globalization I am afraid of outsourcing, cheating and misinformation. As a learner, I see the most possibilities with OER's. OER's give the possibility of thousands of books online for free since over 25% of college tuition goes towards book. Also, OER's open an entire possibility of learning opportunities to learn from around the globe and expand knowledge far outside of the classroom. The only downfall I could see is that we are not exactly sure if all of the information is correct or recent. As a student, to be honest I did not know there was a difference between a student and a learner, but anyways as a student I see almost the same advantages. I know I am currently a college student and one of my fellow classmates introduced me to this awesome OER you should probably click. I have been thoroughly enjoying this site and with student teaching just around the corner I am excited to bookmark and come back to this site. Speaking of teaching this is where I go from being "YAY OER's" to "Meh OER's...". OER's make me rethink what is the job of teachers? All of our information and students are online why can they not just learn on there? Although there are obvious reasons why this wouldn't work it is still a scary thought. Also, I do not want my students to be able to simply Google the first few words of an assignment and find the entire assignment and answer sheet online. Finally, I do not want to teach the same information is online. I do not want to get lazy and use OER Commons as my lesson planner. The last downfall I see with teaching is that I do not want to teach my students bad information. I am sure sites like Yale OER's are reliable, but what high school is going to teach the same information as Yale. The fact that anyone can change the information frightens me. So where do I stand? I am ready for the change, but yet if if it never happened I would accept that decision with open arms. I like traditional, but I am afraid of being outdated as well. 

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